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» Field Commander Wieers 
Field Commander Wieers
My website is slowly being rebuilt whenever I find some time to waste. I wonder who's wasting more time? Me building or you visiting.
I am a self-employed Linux system engineer and architect. I advise companies (start-ups as well as international companies) on their use of Linux and help them design, automate and manage their Linux infrastructure. If you want to learn more, visit my company's website at: I now started my own blog (which makes more sense than this lousy static page that never gets updated. My aim is to follow up on RPM packaging, tools development, interesting stuff I learned, ... You can find my blog at this location: Is commercial software too expensive or piracy against your ethics ? Afraid of the BSA raiding your home or business ? Start using Open Source software ! For everything you do, a free ('no strings attached') Open Source alternative exists. And you can still pay someone, if you want to :-) Since money is not a motivating factor, Open Source software is generally to the point, lacks spyware, open to contribute, open to discuss internals, evolving and improving. It is a key enabler to progress quickly for whatever (automation) task at hand and it gives you the opportunity to go deeper into computing. You can learn how things work and fix it if you like. And the developers are always eager to improve and discuss.