Finally using Maildir

I always am much more critical when I am showing off something to someone else, whether it is a new exciting application, a beautiful song or how slow my MUA is performing a task.

Normally I fill the waiting by doing something else, but when you are bragging how well UMTS works using putty and alpine on the new Symbian smartphone and tagging a single mail as spam takes more than 20 seconds to complete on my huge inbox, well, then it becomes the first thing to fix when I have some spare time :-)

Enjoying alpine to the fullest

I know most of you don't care about my alpine fetish, but this goes out to my fellow alpine users :-)

Pine was almost dead for years and likely because of that I never reconsidered optimising my mail-usage. With alpine's rebirth I have been busy improving my daily overload of personal messages.

My ideal email client

Since 10 years I am praying for a much more convenient email program, one that understands my relation with incoming mail and incoming folders. Let me explain...

I get lots of mails from different sources. Some are addressing me, others have me in Cc:. Some are from mailinglist that are very important to me (because I am responsible for answering), others I just want to follow up if I have some time. My email-client however treats all these mails the same way.

How I became more "pure" with no effort

I am going to be very frank on my blog: I am a pine user. Yes, I admit it. In fact, I've never really lied about it, but I did obfuscate my email headers so people wouldn't harass me.

"So what ?" I hear you say. Well, for one it made me less pure. It was never free software and I was tainted... But I really did try to withdraw from using pine. In the last 13 years I had 3 attempts to move to mutt and even with the help of close friends, it was all in vain.