Commenting on blog-articles

Dear Kris,

Would it be possible to comment an article on the originating blog instead of creating your own article. I found it very annoying when you did that to me, and now I see you doing it again :-)

I prefer discussions being held on the original article's blog (so people reading it can read your remarks) rather than having comments being posted as blog articles on different blogs. (That would only work for people reading a Planet anyway)

Mistakes made when using Drupal as personal blog

Being fallible (not being the pope) I learned some things from my Drupal installation. Dries asked me to keep a list of things, and this is a record of what I still remember.

Beware though that this list is focused on using Drupal for a personal blog.

You do not need the Blog module !
If you just want a personal blog, you really don't. I consider this vital advise, especially because not using Blog seems counter-intuitive and because it is described as:

Blog: Enables keeping easily and regularly updated user web pages or blogs.

First impressions of Drupal

I was impressed of my progress in using Drupal. Even though I bought 2 books about Drupal on Amazon, I did not want prior knowledge to spoil my first impression.

The greatest strength of Drupal in my opinion, is the structure it provides to accommodate themes and modules. It becomes obvious that great effort is put into thinking everything through. Not sure if it is true, but it feels as if Drupal has been prototyped several times to become what it is now.

One has to start somewhere...

Indeed, it became inevitable. Now that CentOS has its own Planet CentOS, I have no more excuse to keep my life private. And here's a fair warning to people around me, if you do not behave I'll post about you as well :-)

I chose to kick off using Drupal, not because people recommended it (in fact nobody I asked mentioned it), but because I am very interested in using Drupal for other content and for other projects as well. So it made more sense to me to use something that is flexible enough and doesn't do only Weblogs.