My gift to you: wiipresent

"Finally!" I hear you say. And you are right. Because of time-constraints and my wish to include much more than is essential for this tool I delayed and delayed and delayed the public release of wiipresent.

But now I convinced myself to be happy about it :-) At least my TODO list is nicely formatted and complete. And in itself the tool already works very nice. The fact that ct magazine already mentioned wiipresent in their April edition was another motivation to release what works already.

So let me introduce to you: wiipresent v0.7.2, an off-the-shelf tool to use your wiimote for giving presentations on Linux (or control your Linux remotely).

OBEX for dummies

On Linux it was never that easy to access your phone's memory, especially not using bluetooth. For a few years I had been using obexftp for this, but pushing files one by one was far from simple.

As a result if I needed a picture from my phone's memory, I either send it from the phone to my CentOS. This works fine for a single file, but is tiresome for a collection. Or (and this is the default at my place) let Brenda's thinkpad synchronize the new photos from my cellphone.

This is very convenient, because Brenda takes care of the photo-collection housekeeping anyway ! (thanks hon)