First CentOS book available as ebook

About 18 months ago I blogged about the fact there was no book that focused on CentOS. There were books about Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which would be the same, but none of them had CentOS on the cover. None would discuss the community aspect, where to get help or why it matters in size.

Yeah, I won a book !

What did I do to win ? I just attended LinuxWorld NL :-) I don't know exactly if this was based on luck or whether I was subscribed to some of their presentations or whether I met Jo De Baer to thank him for his help on mrepo's youget. Maybe all three of them ?

But this is what I got in my mailbox last week:

The attached note below says:

Congratulations, you have won a book.

CentOS in printed publications

One of the ways to promote CentOS is to have CentOS appear in shops and libraries. Currently our local bookshop has a few titles about Fedora and RHEL, but they do not mention CentOS at all.

These books are real bibles containing more than 1000 pages. They go into details about everything, but they fail to mention the RHEL rebuild distributions like CentOS or Scientific Linux.

Something is going on here ?