Red Hat bugtracker indexed by Google

After my blog article 2 weeks ago, I am pleased to discover that Red Hat's bugtracker is now being indexed by Google. According to their robots.txt they started offering an index (sitemap) of bug reports to spiders since 23 december 2008.

So we can now search google for common problems and find Fedora, RHEL and CentOS specific bug reports (and solutions) just by using Google.

Kudos to Red Hat for making it possible !

Making Red Hat bugzilla indexable by Google

Based on Joshua Daniel Franklin's comment about searching Red Hat Bugzilla by Component I rediscovered a comment made by Anonymous.

This got me to think about something I remember discussing last LinuxTag during a Fedora dinner when Red Hat's Bugzilla was the subject. Currently RHbz is not indexed by Google and in my opinion this is hurting the Red Hat, Fedora, but also the CentOS community.

When bugtracking systems are fences, not bridges

Today, in my quest for a media center solution that suits me, I started fixing some issues with running Elisa on CentOS 5. Elisa looks very interesting in the sense that it is written in python, it is a relative young project and it is esthetically pleasing (more than one of the other projects I investigated). And soon in RPMforge for CentOS (albeit not without issues yet).