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Searching for RHEL and CentOS information

If you use RHEL or CentOS a lot and you often find yourself looking for good information on the web about either CentOS or RHEL, you might find the following Firefox search addons very useful.

Here's my overview, sorted by importance:

Red Hat Knowledgebase search
Search Red Hat's extensive knowledgebase, documentation and many other resources

Linuxtag 2008 in Berlin was brilliant

The latest edition of Linuxtag was very productive. During the 4 days the CentOS crew managed to do several things, including:

  • professional booth with a 24" screen/laptop setup that we can now reuse for other events around Europe
  • proper template slides for events like this (also now a German translation thanks to Ralph and Felix)
  • well received "CentOS and Enterprise Linux" presentation
  • strengthened our ties with the Fedora project
  • have a much better solution for our CentOS media (both printing and burning)

Why CentOS will not become the next Microsoft

The subject may sound weird to you, but all the arguments that free CentOS from becoming the next Microsoft can be used to to counter the pundits that position Red Hat as being the next Microsoft.

(You may think this statement is so nineties, but a recent opinion piece that got onto Slashdot prompted similar comments)

We can only ask ourselves why someone would want us to believe that Red Hat is the next Microsoft, but let me reiterate why neither CentOS nor Red Hat will be the next Microsoft:

Tunneling NFS4 over SSH

Today we had the need to mount a filesystem from a system that was almost completely isolated and instead of having to transfer a huge amount of data over a tunneled SSH connection, I thought, why not pursue mounting NFS over an SSH tunnel.

Since NFS4 by default does TCP if both client and server can do that, this would be the perfect opportunity to test the new capability. In fact, it should not be hard at all.

Ubuntu's need to catch a wave

Let me play devil's advocate here. Mark Shuttleworth's recent pledge to join a synchronised release plan for Enterprise Linux distributions is no more than a wish to benefit from a lot of work that Novell and Red Hat are already doing in the Enterprise space.

Let me explain.

Enjoying alpine to the fullest

I know most of you don't care about my alpine fetish, but this goes out to my fellow alpine users :-)

Pine was almost dead for years and likely because of that I never reconsidered optimising my mail-usage. With alpine's rebirth I have been busy improving my daily overload of personal messages.

Firefox 3 memory usage

As a fervent user of tabs in my browser, this article caught my attention. It explains in great detail all the different changes and improvements to Firefox that affect its memory usage.

At some point you start to wonder how it could have gotten this worse, but it usually takes a big swing in one direction to get corrective actions and a joint focus on what was neglected.

RHEL 5.2 beta announced

RHEL 5.2 beta is released and many interesting features and software updates are expected.

It is very unusual for software to be updated (instead of bugfix backports) in a Red Hat Enterprise distribution (or CentOS for that matter) but there are exceptional cases where this makes more sense than the alternative.

Red Hat has decided that for desktop applications they can make that exception, meaning Red Hat and CentOS desktop users (me!) will soon be able to use a recent Firefox, Thunderbird or OpenOffice.

My ideal email client

Since 10 years I am praying for a much more convenient email program, one that understands my relation with incoming mail and incoming folders. Let me explain...

I get lots of mails from different sources. Some are addressing me, others have me in Cc:. Some are from mailinglist that are very important to me (because I am responsible for answering), others I just want to follow up if I have some time. My email-client however treats all these mails the same way.

CentOS needs a slogan

The CentOS project is looking for more slogans that may end up on promotional material (eg media, flyers, posters or stickers). We already collected a few funny, ironic, sarcastic or even distasteful ones.

Feel free to visit our Slogans wiki page for a good laugh or rude offenses and add your own slogan by sending them to this thread.

The thin line between genius and madness

It is a common problem with packagers. Developers release a package 0.4, then release a 0.5a (or 0.5pre1 or 0.5rc1) and then release the stable 0.5. Of course, when packaging you have to foresee such problems and maintain a proper upgrade path from 0.4 to 0.5pre1 to 0.5rc1 and to 0.5. Often that means finding the meaning of a release string.

Improving Putty settings on Windows

Since I started contract work for a new customer and have been offered a Windows Thinkpad to connect to the internal network, I have been looking at ways to make my life more comfortable. Putty is now my window to the world work so let's look at how I can make Putty nicer to work with by tweaking its configuration.

PS: Some of these options work equally well for Putty on Linux, put there is little use for that combination.

To Drupal release management...

...with love.

Would it be too much to ask if new Drupal releases could be announced on Freshmeat ? The current Drupal Freshmeat-record is out of date (last updated 3 may 2006) and still refers to 4.7.0.

Having a seperate branch for both the 4.7.x and 5.x stable releases as well as the 6.x development releases would be great. Links to release notes and downloads would be superb ! And a short description of the changes gain you additional karma points.

LinuxWorld Expo Brussels 2008

LinuxWorld Expo Brussels this year will take place on wednesday 19 and thursday 20 March 2008 in Brussels Kart Expo. Last year's edition was lacking any Open Source cooperation and this year the organisers acknowledged the benefit of an Open Source pavilion on the LinuxWorld exhibition.

Having this Open Source pavilion allows us (the Open Source community) to showcase some technologies and communities on an exhibition floor that is primarily dominated by sales and marketing people and that is aiming towards the business world.

CentOS on your laptop

The reasons for CentOS on your server seem compelling, but the same reasons apply for a desktop or your laptop. Especially for people that require a stable environment and have no need to a (bi-)yearly upgrade that may break or turn your world upside down.

As more people buy laptops instead of desktop systems, and because laptops come as a collection of hardware, it would be nice if we, the CentOS community, would actively start documenting our experience with CentOS on our laptops.