Presenting at LibreOffice conference in Paris

I am still alive, yes. My blog cannot be considered a good heartbeat :-) Last blog post must have been at least 3 months ago, but I have been busy. Really busy.

Good thing is that I will be presenting at the LibreOffice conference in Paris tomorrow about Unoconv. I am excited to pour some more energy into this tool and already the first day I have met some interesting people. Thanks to Cor Nouws from Nou&Off who was so kind to introduce me everywhere.

No LOADays for me, unfortunately

A few people have asked me the past couple of months whether I would be going to Linux Open Administration Days in Antwerp and whether I was interested to give a presentation.

I would have loved to give a presentation on LOADays, but unfortunately I will be in San Francisco this weekend and thus enable to make it. I hope for the second edition there is room in my schedule and I wish everyone an interesting conference this weekend !

It definitely promises to be one :-)

Going to Japan Linux Symposium

So I'll be going to the 1st Japan Linux Symposium to present dstat (and wiipresent ;-)) and of course visit Tokyo and surroundings. It will be my first time in Japan, so now is the time to tell me what is definitely worth on the shortlist !

The presentation will be a complete update with the latest features and examples, and if all goes well I'll be introducing something new too...

PS Since I don't eat fish, you can strike sushi already :-)

Limited Open Source traveling budget

While I am waiting for a decision about a (partly) refund of my travel expenses to Japan Linux Symposium in Tokyo, I wanted to discuss what I expect from organizations for talking at conferences.

T-DOSE 2007 is dead, long live T-DOSE 2008.

T-DOSE 2007 is over, and it was good. It could have been great if more people attended and I think the lesson for T-DOSE is that more advertising is needed. And maybe that will lead to more presentation tracks so that even more people are interested in coming.

But the organization was perfect, the location superb and the people the max. So next year you cannot miss out.

Thanks to everyone who made it happen.