What if Firefox loses your tabs ?

It happened to me today, not sure if it was because I closed my main window and firefox had some other window in the back ? But the next run all my tabs were gone, and they were nowhere to be found in my 'Recently Closed Tabs' list. My sessionstore.js was huge, but re-opening Firefox only brought up the default homepage.

If this happens to you on re-opening Firefox, don't blink a second, make a copy of your sessionstore.bak and sessionstore.js so that Firefox doesn't replace them and you lose everything.

What inside Firefox is using my CPU ?

I love Firefox a lot, more than any other browser actually. With my small set of addons, me and Firefox, we conquer the world every day !

That's why I hate it when my buddy Firefox is chewing away too many CPU cycles while not doing anything. It is really frustrating because it heatens my lap(top), flattens my battery and slowens my work. (yeah yeah, I know that is not proper English)

How to loose your Firefox tabs

You think Firefox restores your tabs when you close and open it (with Tab Mix Plus or the session saver). Don't bet on it, try the following sequence:

  1. Open the Download window
  2. Open a few tabs
  3. Close the main firefox windows
  4. Open a new firefox instance (only the homepage is opened)

You have now lost all your tabs. If those contained any resident information or things you wanted to read/follow up they've been lost :-/

So if you didn't know the Download page was still open somewhere, starting a new firefox will loose your collection of tabs.

Firefox memory weirdness

Dear Interweb, please explain me this:

If I have 80 tabs open in Firefox and I have 2GB of physical memory and I then restart my browser. It eats up 1GB easily and then slowly grows until it hits 1.5GB of memory (almost all available).

If I have the same 80 tabs open in Firefox and I add 2Gb of physical memory (total being 4GB) to exactly the same machine and I then restart that same browser. It eats up only 300MB of memory and never really grows much beyond 400MB.

What am I missing here ?

Tested on a CentOS 5.2 with Firefox 3.0.5.

Windows XP silliness

Another strange problem today while trying to install Firefox 3 RC3 on a Windows XP SP2 on a corporate laptop. Almost immediately after I run the installer:

"Sorry, Firefox can’t be installed. This version of Firefox requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or newer.”

WTF? This is a Windows XP SP2, you moron !

I remember having the exact error with one of the Beta releases. A reboot does not make a difference, I have administrator privileges, so it must be the braindead anti-virus, right ?

Searching for RHEL and CentOS information

If you use RHEL or CentOS a lot and you often find yourself looking for good information on the web about either CentOS or RHEL, you might find the following Firefox search addons very useful.

Here's my overview, sorted by importance:

Red Hat Knowledgebase search
Search Red Hat's extensive knowledgebase, documentation and many other resources

Firefox 3 memory usage

As a fervent user of tabs in my browser, this article caught my attention. It explains in great detail all the different changes and improvements to Firefox that affect its memory usage.

At some point you start to wonder how it could have gotten this worse, but it usually takes a big swing in one direction to get corrective actions and a joint focus on what was neglected.

Laptop memory usage

A week ago I visited MediaMarkt looking for some money to spend (and in the same throw improve my own life). There was this amazing deal to buy 2x 1GB DDR2 laptop-memory for only 77€. Faster than my laptop needs, but it happens to work flawlessly.

I always felt that my laptop could use more memory since I have this bad habit to use Firefox tabs as permanent memory. If I stumble upon interesting information but have limited time to read it, I just open a new tab to continue surfing.