Transcribing system administration tasks for documentation

I always forget this command and it takes a while to search for it, but if you ever start doing administration work on systems and you want to keep track of what you have been doing for documentation, always remember the script command.

I am referencing it here, so I will never forget !

How I stumbled into Linux

Today I had an interesting conversation with a colleague about the Linux provisioning (how I dislike that word) deployment system we are developing at a customer. And in the midst of things he brought up how he started with Linux.

Apparently we share the same story, and I wondered how many other people were driven to Linux by frustration over some unexplained Windows bug at the time.

My story goes back to 1995, involved Windows 95 and an expensive CD burner I bought. I was already using Linux on a 80386, but that one was slower and did not have an internet connection.