UMTS to the rescue, Red Hat only seconds behind

When I installed CentOS 5.2 on my Thinkpad X200s only to discover that neither my onboard ethernet (e1000e), nor my onboard wireless (iwlagn) was supported by CentOS 5.2's 2.6.18 kernel, I managed to manually configure my Bluetooth UMTS connection to my cellphone to fix my connectivity problems and get back in business in no time.

Funny how the newest technology (UMTS) apparently is better supported by older kernels than ethernet or wireless (ieee 802.11) technologies.

Is KernelTrap dead ?

When I was a student I had the time to follow LKML and even compile a kernel a few times a week, but those days are long gone and I ended up settling for LWN and KernelTrap.

But the past weeks no new stories have been reported on KernelTrap, not even a notice of what has happened. So is KernelTrap dead ?