My rationale for the Lenovo Thinkpad X200s

My christmas present arrived early this year. Unfortunately, this one I had to buy myself but given the price-tag that is not a surprise.

I didn't need a new laptop per se, but the weight I was carrying sometimes (my own Thinkpad T43 and the customer Thinkpad T60) caused some neck pains. It probably is not completely related to that, but every excuse to buy a newer laptop is fine by me.

So what laptop was under the hypothetical christmas tree ? Well, the title gave it away already ;-)

CentOS on your laptop

The reasons for CentOS on your server seem compelling, but the same reasons apply for a desktop or your laptop. Especially for people that require a stable environment and have no need to a (bi-)yearly upgrade that may break or turn your world upside down.

As more people buy laptops instead of desktop systems, and because laptops come as a collection of hardware, it would be nice if we, the CentOS community, would actively start documenting our experience with CentOS on our laptops.

Laptop memory usage

A week ago I visited MediaMarkt looking for some money to spend (and in the same throw improve my own life). There was this amazing deal to buy 2x 1GB DDR2 laptop-memory for only 77€. Faster than my laptop needs, but it happens to work flawlessly.

I always felt that my laptop could use more memory since I have this bad habit to use Firefox tabs as permanent memory. If I stumble upon interesting information but have limited time to read it, I just open a new tab to continue surfing.