Last call for LinuxWorld Brussels

Again for the people that missed it, if your Open Source non-profit organisation or project wants to make some free advertisements at LinuxWorld, don't forget to bring your posters and flyers so we have them ready for visitors at the Open Source pavilion.

The audience is mostly business-focused, so you are welcome to promote your project/organisation in person at the booth or give away flyers at the booth.

For the conference part of the Open Source pavilion, the following presentations will be given:

  • Wednesday 19/3
    • 11h: Profoss - Raphael Bauduin
    • 13h: OpenDoc Society - Machtelt Garrels
    • 14h: Drupal - Roel Guldemond
    • 15h: CentOS - Dag Wieers
  • Thursday 20/3
    • 11h: Open Source at Hogent - Ilse Baetsle
    • 13h: Ubuntu LTS - Serge van Ginderachter
    • 14h: Joomla - Johan Janssens
    • 15h: OpenQRM - Kris Buytaert

Belgian Open Source projects at LinuxWorld Expo Brussels

As announced before, 2008 will be the first year that LinuxWorld Expo Brussels has an Open Source pavilion to promote Open Source in an Enterprise environment.

The RFP for presentations is over since some time, but the pavilion also has some space for promoting and discussing Open Source software. So if your non-profit project somehow fits into what business need, you could use this area to put up a poster or distribute flyers.

LinuxWorld Expo Brussels 2008

LinuxWorld Expo Brussels this year will take place on wednesday 19 and thursday 20 March 2008 in Brussels Kart Expo. Last year's edition was lacking any Open Source cooperation and this year the organisers acknowledged the benefit of an Open Source pavilion on the LinuxWorld exhibition.

Having this Open Source pavilion allows us (the Open Source community) to showcase some technologies and communities on an exhibition floor that is primarily dominated by sales and marketing people and that is aiming towards the business world.

Yeah, I won a book !

What did I do to win ? I just attended LinuxWorld NL :-) I don't know exactly if this was based on luck or whether I was subscribed to some of their presentations or whether I met Jo De Baer to thank him for his help on mrepo's youget. Maybe all three of them ?

But this is what I got in my mailbox last week:

The attached note below says:

Congratulations, you have won a book.

CentOS at LinuxWorld Expo, Utrecht, NL

Coming wednesday (31 october) there is a CentOS presentation (in Dutch) at the LinuxWorld Expo in Utrecht, NL.

If you happen to be there, drop by to say hello :)

The Oracle Unbreakable Linux incompatibility

It was exciting when a year ago at LinuxWorld Expo London we heard a rumor that Oracle was going to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It was surprising to find out that this rumor was not entirely as well-intended and supportive as it sounded.

Instead of helping the community, Oracle was directly attacking Red Hat with its own product as if it was showing the world that Open Source has no value and that even Oracle could run away with Red Hat's crown jewels and customers. A hostile take-over attempt of Red Hat by Oracle.

Promoting OSS: Social networks

A year ago as a CentOS team member I had taken the task upon myself to promote CentOS at events. Since LinuxWorld 2006 in London, we have organised presence at at least 8 different events, and we intend to do even better.

One of my personal favorites was FOSDEM 2007 which was the biggest gathering of CentOS volunteers to date. And I am positive that with everybody's help we can do even better the next edition.