Why wouldn't you want a Microsoft party in your livingroom ?

I have dozens of reasons :-)

So Microsoft expects a grassroot fanbase to promote their new Windows 7 product among family and friends in every house around the world. And this will be a natural thing because everybody really wants to do this. It simply makes a lot of sense. sarcasm

Why CentOS will not become the next Microsoft

The subject may sound weird to you, but all the arguments that free CentOS from becoming the next Microsoft can be used to to counter the pundits that position Red Hat as being the next Microsoft.

(You may think this statement is so nineties, but a recent opinion piece that got onto Slashdot prompted similar comments)

We can only ask ourselves why someone would want us to believe that Red Hat is the next Microsoft, but let me reiterate why neither CentOS nor Red Hat will be the next Microsoft:

Thank you, South-Africa

For not giving in to politics, arm-wrestling and dirty practices that some company wants to cover up so badly.

Update: And thank you Brazil !

Microsoft's smoke screen

Sometimes it is hard to explain to non-technical people what the problem is with Microsoft software and why it is in Microsoft's best interest to omit certain features that benefits the majority of the people.

One such question is: Why is Microsoft not in favor of a single vendor-independent open document standard ?

LinuxWorld Expo, Brussels, BE

Location: Brussels Cart, Brussels, BE
CentOS booth
CentOS presentation

FOSDEM, Brussels, BE

Location: ULB, Brussels, BE
Annual CentOS gathering
CentOS booth

LinuxWorld Expo, Utrecht, NL

Location: Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, NL
Presentation CentOS