First stable release of Drupal comment_moderation module

We released today the first stable release of the comment_moderation module for Drupal. I was lucky to have another Drupal developer David Stosik to join the project. David implemented all the remaining functionality that I wanted for the first stable release.

New Drupal comment_moderation module

A second module I wrote this weekend makes it easier to moderate your comments. This was another item high on my wishlist. I didn't found anything that comes close, so please let me know if I missed another module that scratches the same itch.

The comment_moderation module simplifies the work-flow of moderating comments. If you receive a lot of comment spam, the current approval queue is very limiting:

  • It forces you to click through to the comment. If you want to publish the comment you need to edit, change it to published and submit

High PageRank a poisonous gift ?

Definitely if you end up on one of these.

However, I do not understand how any of the Arabic comment spammers expect me to moderate Arabic script. They probably don't know the site is moderated, oh well... Sigh...

Not sure when this wears off though :-/