Community newsletter, take two

I knew exactly what I signed up for when I got this crazy idea to create a CentOS newsletter, still the second issue was less well planned than I had hoped :-/ But then again I am very happy with the result and step by step I am sure things will go easier.

Publishing and announcing it was now a matter of minutes. Geerd-Dietger was of great help to get it to the finish line (in time) ! And the result of the hard work is now available here:

CentOS Pulse - Community newsletter

A CentOS newsletter was what I wanted to have for a long time. It finally materialized the past week and was published today. You can read it at:

We plan to release a new issue every 2 weeks and for the time being I will be the interim editor. The foreword explains why the newsletter is a new starting-point for the CentOS community and hopefully we can use it to communicate decisions, needs, hopes and events better and in a transparent way.