What inside Firefox is using my CPU ?

I love Firefox a lot, more than any other browser actually. With my small set of addons, me and Firefox, we conquer the world every day !

That's why I hate it when my buddy Firefox is chewing away too many CPU cycles while not doing anything. It is really frustrating because it heatens my lap(top), flattens my battery and slowens my work. (yeah yeah, I know that is not proper English)

Waiting for Tom Waits

This evening I was listening to a song performed by Scarlett Johansson that I knew from Tom Waits, and being a very big fan of Tom Waits' music but never have seen him perform, I went to Youtube.

Brenda however doesn't like the rough voice on most songs (except his first album Closing Time) and so we watched some old and some new performances on Youtube. I was trying to give Brenda some exposure to his new material while looking at what period his voice changed so dramatically :-)