My first presentation for everyone to mock

Finally FrOSCon made available the video of my first dstat presentation, which was also my first presentation at an Open Source conference *ever* !

I am a bit disappointed that I did not have access to it before doing the same presentation at 3 different other venues, as I could have learned much from it. It shows that I had not slept that night because of the stress and sleepless nights turn me hyperactive :-)

Late night Dstat release

I was surprised of the enthusiasm and feedback I got during and after my Dstat presentation at FOSDEM 2008. Even though I revisited my older slides and made the presentation shorter, I was not as prepared as I was with previous presentations but apparently that did not affect audience participation :-)

CentOS at LinuxWorld Expo, Utrecht, NL

Coming wednesday (31 october) there is a CentOS presentation (in Dutch) at the LinuxWorld Expo in Utrecht, NL.

If you happen to be there, drop by to say hello :)

Drupal as seen by its creator

Monday evening, had a hard time finding the location because I trusted my GPS. It told me there was no such street-number. In the end I parked my car to search for the venue by foot and surprisingly I was parked 2 meters from the runway. Doh!

When I entered it was apparent that I was under-dressed for the occasion. For an exciting and young project like Drupal, the attendants were mostly dressed in suits. (mental note: do some research next time).

How a presentation made a tool better...

The aim of doing a set of Dstat presentations was not just to promote Dstat, but also to hear people's impressions and ideas. And lots of ideas were shared and ended up in the TODO list.

But one of the questions that I did not quite understand initially, turned out to be an interesting and useful idea. And after the presentation we sat together to show how simple it was to bring an idea into practice.