Apache enabling tunneling SSH over HTTPS

After 5 years Apache finally committed a patch, to allow CONNECT over SSL, to trunk. This is very good news for proxytunnel users, but everyone in general. Finally progress on this topic ! Here's hoping this will end up in RHEL6 before the freeze...

Looking for a Debian packager for Proxytunnel

Apparently proxytunnel is not in Debian and we are looking for a Debian packager that is interested in proxytunnel and wants to maintain the Debian proxytunnel package.

There was an ITP (#166180) in the past, but it did not result in a package that hit a repository yet.

Conferences and conferences

The past week was a very busy one. While the Olympic games were held in Bejing I was breaking my personal records for number of presentations at a conference in one day (3), number of presentations in a week (5) and number of conferences in a week (3).

Because JRSL in Buenos Aires was just before FrOSCon, and there was also a Debian Days in Buenos Aires. I flew to Buenos Aires on Friday afternoon, arrived on Saturday morning, I went to DebianDays on Monday, JRSL on Wednesday where I gave 3 talks (CentOS, RPM packaging and Dstat), flew back on Thursday morning to arrive on Friday at noon in Zaventem to be in Bonn on Friday evening to present a duo-presentation about Proxytunnel (Punching holes in the corporate firewall) on Saturday and a duo-presentation about giving presentation with the wiimote on Sunday.

And on Monday back to work in Antwerp...