RHEL 5.7 released

Today Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 was released with the following improvements:

  • The new certificate-based CDN infrastructure to get faster access to security updates and bugfixes (which was first introduced with RHEL 6.1)
  • Various KVM and Xen improvements, including:
    • Xen 32bit performance improvement
    • Xen boot time reduced
    • KVM CD-ROM emulation improvements
    • KVM live migration speed improvements
  • Updates to network, storage and video drivers (too many to list)
  • XFS is now fully supported with RH HA/Clustering
  • Many SSSD improvements

So this looks more like a regular hardware improvement update, with some necessary improvements introduced with RHEL5.6. The most exciting part is that there is not a lot to be excited about, which is what Enterprise Linux is mostly about ;-)

For an overview of the detailed changes, look at the 5.7 Release Notes and Technical Notes.! Enjoy !

Integration with ELRepo and Repoforge (fka RPMforge) are being looked at as we speak...

RHEL 6.1 released

Almost 6 months after the first Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 release and 2 months after RHEL 6.1 Beta, Red Hat has announced its RHEL 6.1 update release and everyone testing and using RHEL6 have been waiting for this.

Not only because the second release is usually more important, but also to measure the pace of development and fixes going into its update releases. Ever since I have been running RHEL6, I have had a few kernel crashes and a good share of application crashes. RHEL6.1 Beta was a disaster and I regret having moved to it for my personal laptop (but hey, I like to know what to expect and need something to write about).

So while I do not expect a lot of new features just yet, a whole lot of fixes and improvements should have been coming from vendors, customers and users. I could not find official release-notes just yet, RHN has not been updated either and no mail yet to rhelv6-announce, but do expect an update on this blog when that happens. And I expect to summarize the items I find the most interesting from the release notes and experience using it.

The Release Notes and Technical Notes are out now too ! Enjoy !

CentOS 5.6 release imminent

Yes, we have heard it a few times before, but this time it is true. CentOS 5.6 is being seeded to mirrors and work has started to bring the Release Notes up to speed. Already 82 days after RHEL 5.6.

Next up is CentOS 6.0, hopefully this one is released before RHEL 6.1, since the RHEL 6.1 Beta is already two weeks out. The fact that CentOS 6.0 is already 145 days behind RHEL 6.0 is something the team will have to think about. Leveraging the community by opening up the QA process is a no-brainer to me.

RHEL 6 released

And 24 hours after RHEL 5.6 Beta, Red Hat announced the official RHEL 6 release ! This release comes with a bold statement on their website: More reliable than Microsoft, more open than Oracle, More comprehensive than VMware. Based on the statement Red Hat must be confident about what took so long to devise.

For about a week the comprehensive Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 documentation was available, including the RHEL6 Release Notes.

RHEL6's Beta and Beta 2 have been covered in depth so no need to give an overview of its many features on this blog.

Dstat 0.7.2 released

After a fair share of improvements and plugins, including plugins to monitor Dstat's own performance, it was time to get another release out of the door. Last week I updated the documentation and manpage, and this week Dstat 0.7.2 saw the light.

CentOS 5.5 has been released

Your systems may already have picked it up, but if you haven't noticed, CentOS 5.5 has been released. You can find more information in the RHEL 5.5 release announcement.

Additionally, the CentOS community compiles its own list of interesting tidbits in the CentOS 5.5 release notes, which is an interesting read as well. The CentOS 5.5 LiveCD is released at the same time and has a its own release notes in the wiki.

RHEL 5.5 released today !

Today another update release of RHEL5 was born.

These (minor) update releases typically provide feature enhancements, bugfixes and new hardware support. And as such come as a set of new installation media (CDs and DVD). We already discussed the RHEL 5.5 Beta release not so long ago, and apart from stabilizing the product, a lot of what was known from that Beta is true for the real RHEL 5.5 release.

So, CentOS 5.4 has been released to mirrors

So, CentOS 5.4 has been released to mirrors and will be available soon as updates to your existing systems. This ends about 6 weeks of suspended security fixes, although some security fixes were released in the CentOS 5.3 repository before the actual 5.4 release was ready.

Most of what is new can be found from my earlier RHEL5.4 release blog post.


CentOS 4.8 finally there ?

So it looks like we are going to have CentOS 4.8 before RHEL 5.4 after all. I blogged about the big 4.8 release delays a week ago and we can expect CentOS 4.8 on Friday if all goes well. Maybe the weekend ?

If you remember that RHEL 4.8 was released on 18 May 2009, that makes CentOS 4.8 three months (or 95 days) late. Of course it is impossible to release a rebuild at the same time as the original, but 3 months is a lot of QA :-)

CentOS 4.8 release delays again

After the big CentOS 5.3 release delay in the beginning of 2009, the community witnesses history repeating with CentOS 4.8 being delayed even longer. It is unfortunate that 13 weeks after Red Hat released RHEL 4.8, CentOS is unable to release their own rebuild.

mrepo 0.8.6 released

I just released mrepo 0.8.6 with RHEL 4.7's RHN/up2date code included which makes mrepo work on other distributions without requiring to copy those libraries.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Support for RHEL5 and CentOS-5.
  • Added YaST Online Update support.
  • Added fuseiso support (root access no longer needed).
  • Added unionfs support to merge ISOs to a single tree.
  • Faster relinking of repositories.
  • Caching of directory indexes to prevent regenerating repositories.

Another nice Debian innovation

Maybe this is not new for Debian people, but it is the first time I heard about the Debian External Health System.

From: Debian External Health System
To: dstat a-t packages dot qa dot debian dot org
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 10:47:12 +0000
Subject: dstat: New upstream version available


The Debian External Health System (a.k.a. DEHS) has found a new upstream version
of the package dstat in the unstable distribution.
The current package version is 0.6.7-1 and latest by upstream is 0.6.8.

To Drupal release management...

...with love.

Would it be too much to ask if new Drupal releases could be announced on Freshmeat ? The current Drupal Freshmeat-record is out of date (last updated 3 may 2006) and still refers to 4.7.0.

Having a seperate branch for both the 4.7.x and 5.x stable releases as well as the 6.x development releases would be great. Links to release notes and downloads would be superb ! And a short description of the changes gain you additional karma points.