Warning module available on

The warning module for Drupal that I blogged about earlier is now available from the website at:

Try it out, it helped to decrease my comment spam without needing any drastic actions (like closing comments on older articles) and early feedback from testers proofs promising.

Let me know what you would improve !

Next up is adding the comment_moderation module as well so it becomes easier to manage your comments on moderated sites.

New Drupal comment_moderation module

A second module I wrote this weekend makes it easier to moderate your comments. This was another item high on my wishlist. I didn't found anything that comes close, so please let me know if I missed another module that scratches the same itch.

The comment_moderation module simplifies the work-flow of moderating comments. If you receive a lot of comment spam, the current approval queue is very limiting:

  • It forces you to click through to the comment. If you want to publish the comment you need to edit, change it to published and submit

New Drupal warning module

One of the first things requested from a Drupal developer before contributing a module is to check whether the functionality is already implemented in another module. Because I couldn't find something similar but I do not feel confident that my search was conclusive let me explain what my Drupal warning module does.

High PageRank a poisonous gift ?

Definitely if you end up on one of these.

However, I do not understand how any of the Arabic comment spammers expect me to moderate Arabic script. They probably don't know the site is moderated, oh well... Sigh...

Not sure when this wears off though :-/

Comment spam happy ending

Finally I have some good news in the comment spam saga, my latest article brought some interesting comments and eventually lead to a bugfix for Drupal 6.

This however means that Drupal 5 users in a similar environment (high PageRank and unregistered comments) may still be affected. The filter module may help, but will also not help in the PageRank front as it may not differentiate normal links and contributed links, something Drupal 6.3 will do out of the box as intended.

Spam comment tale continues

Things are getting worse at the spam comment front, whereas I used to get about 2 to 3 spam comments a day (or comments that look very real but advertise a commercial website nevertheless), I now have attracted more people that leave unwanted comments. Up to 20 a day, worse than my mailbox *with* spamfilter.

This is bad...


In an earlier discussion about commenting Kris mentioned using pingback, but...

Spam is a problematic issue. I had to enable comment moderation not because the Captcha was too easy to come by, but because apparently real people are adding genuine comments and are actively abusing the URL field to point to their commercial (or virus-infected) websites.