Addicted to Wii

After 2 months of having a Wii, I can admit that I am a bit addicted to it. But not in a way that one would expect though. I don't play that many games even though I did collect a few (= 7).

I try to use the Wii daily for 5 minutes of Wii Fitness and once a week I play some more tennis to try to reach my old hi-score of 2209 points. (I dropped to 2105 :-/)

We also like to follow-up on the voting channel and see how we did and vote for the new questions. It is a quick 2-minute break twice a week and it is fun to see what your partner and others think about silly questions.

Rejected Wii Play games

I always wonder who has the time to come up with these funny youtube video ideas and has the time, resources and character to implement it.

The graphics look pretty good Wii-wise even though the ideas are plain stupid, but funny :-) Enjoy!

Starting from today, you can call me Dag Wiiers

Yes, resistance was futile. When everybody in my team at work had one, I could not be left behind.

So I bought myself a Wii. Plenty of Wii's still in the stores in Belgium, but it seems that most of the Wii-motes and Wii nunchucks are out of stock.

Playing with a Wii for the first time is very different. I would not be surprised if people in 20 years time still remember the first time they played a Wii (and against whom and if they won). It's those little facts of life that people cherish :-)