WiiPresent at FrOSCon 2009

After the presentation last year about using the Nintendo Wii remote for giving presentations we are this year taking it to second base !

For all speakers we will provide wiimotes and bluetooth dongles in all conference rooms. We also created a CentOS-based LiveCD with various presentation software and WiiPresent. With a single click you can connect your wiimote to your system to start applications and control your mouse.

My gift to you: wiipresent

"Finally!" I hear you say. And you are right. Because of time-constraints and my wish to include much more than is essential for this tool I delayed and delayed and delayed the public release of wiipresent.

But now I convinced myself to be happy about it :-) At least my TODO list is nicely formatted and complete. And in itself the tool already works very nice. The fact that ct magazine already mentioned wiipresent in their April edition was another motivation to release what works already.

So let me introduce to you: wiipresent v0.7.2, an off-the-shelf tool to use your wiimote for giving presentations on Linux (or control your Linux remotely).

Conferences and conferences

The past week was a very busy one. While the Olympic games were held in Bejing I was breaking my personal records for number of presentations at a conference in one day (3), number of presentations in a week (5) and number of conferences in a week (3).

Because JRSL in Buenos Aires was just before FrOSCon, and there was also a Debian Days in Buenos Aires. I flew to Buenos Aires on Friday afternoon, arrived on Saturday morning, I went to DebianDays on Monday, JRSL on Wednesday where I gave 3 talks (CentOS, RPM packaging and Dstat), flew back on Thursday morning to arrive on Friday at noon in Zaventem to be in Bonn on Friday evening to present a duo-presentation about Proxytunnel (Punching holes in the corporate firewall) on Saturday and a duo-presentation about giving presentation with the wiimote on Sunday.

And on Monday back to work in Antwerp...