CentOS wiki updates

I have been updating my proposal for the new CentOS wiki frontpage. The aim is to reduce the number of links a new visitor sees, so it is easier to remember later or memorize the structure of the wiki.

A wiki is essentially unstructured and it requires determination and effort to put structure into a wiki so people can remember the structure subconsciously. That is the hard part with wikis and the part I dislike most.

CentOS on your laptop

The reasons for CentOS on your server seem compelling, but the same reasons apply for a desktop or your laptop. Especially for people that require a stable environment and have no need to a (bi-)yearly upgrade that may break or turn your world upside down.

As more people buy laptops instead of desktop systems, and because laptops come as a collection of hardware, it would be nice if we, the CentOS community, would actively start documenting our experience with CentOS on our laptops.