CentOS 4.7 close to release

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2008/07/30 - 02:54

On the heels of the CentOS 5.2 release last month, the first spin of CentOS 4.7 went out to the QA team yesterday and if there are not too many hurdles in the QA process CentOS 4.7 might be out soon.

As a teaser, here is the upstream announcement as well as the release notes.

PS No need to ask when it will be out. If it is *that* important to you, you might as well do us all a favor and consider moving to RHEL !


Was that last line sponsored ? ;-)

Maybe it should have ?

Well, we do get a lot of people asking on the mailinglist when the next release will come out as soon as upstream makes a new release, *every* *single* *time* *again*.

We don't have to shun the idea that if you want service or support, you are welcome to get that from the upstream vendor (Red Hat). CentOS is an alternative, but may not be everything to everyone.

I think we are very honest about that in general :-)

I agree -- I think you guys

I agree -- I think you guys are very true to "if you want support, don't talk to us, talk to Red Hat". And it is very much appreciated.

See you at FrOSCon, I'm sure.

QA hurdles?

Can I assume that testing revealed some "QA hurdles" mentioned in your post? I know it's ready "when it's ready" but I'm curious what last minute issues might have sprung up that would delay it for quite awhile...

Well, apparently both the

Well, apparently both the i386 and x86_64 versions have been ready for some time, but the release is being delayed in favor of releasing all supported versions together.

I don't know if that makes sense though.

Where is it now?

Its now the 10th of September and you (Dag) and Johhny Hughes have not been posting on the CentOS list for a while is everything okay? http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos/2008-September/064326.html