CentOS 4.8 release delays again

Submitted by dag on Fri, 2009/08/14 - 14:37

After the big CentOS 5.3 release delay in the beginning of 2009, the community witnesses history repeating with CentOS 4.8 being delayed even longer. It is unfortunate that 13 weeks after Red Hat released RHEL 4.8, CentOS is unable to release their own rebuild. It is not unusual people inquire about a new release only hours after Red Hat's release, but in this case repeated inquiries got positive response, but nothing materializes weeks after. The latest word comes from main developer Johnny Hughes.

Relative to Scientific Linux it may not look as bad, but compared to Red Hat things look very dim. Some news-sites also critically compared the delay in security updates.

The CentOS 4.8 releases notes are available already so hopefully a release is imminent. It is unclear what could be done to help release quicker in the future, there is no transparency to why it takes this long. It is possible the project team got side-tracked once again by internal issues that recently got resolved. If that is the case let's hope the CentOS 5.4 release makes this obvious.

Which is the next release

Which is the next release after 5.3 - 4.8 or 5.4 and I know that it's beta version. Around which date the next release will going out? I don'w understand...

RHEL4.8 was already released

RHEL4.8 was already released 13 weeks ago. RHEL 5.4 Beta is out and I think the Beta period is over. It is possible it is being released in the coming weeks.

Wait a Minute!!!!!

4.8 is a an older version number. What in the world are you talking about??!!!!

Welcome to the world of

Welcome to the world of Enterprise Linux where more than one major release is supported for 7 years.

RHEL / CentOS 3.9 (maintenance mode)
RHEL / CentOS 4.8
RHEL / CentOS 5.3

After CentOS 4.8, there will be one more CentOS 4.9 release before it goes into maintenance, but first we will see CentOS 5.4. The RHEL 5.4 beta period is now over so it won't take long now.

Who does know?

What's most frustrating perhaps is the complete lack of any details as to where the update is. To the lay person its not exactly clear what the 'QA' process is and why it takes so long. After all redhat released the code and it clearly passes their QA procedure

Speaking of Scientific Linux ...

Because Scientific Linux was referenced, I thought I should make one comment here. In SL, when users ask what the status of a new release is, they will be provided with this information:


On that page, you can follow the progress, real time, as the SL developers work on building new releases.