CentOS-based LiveCD at FrOSCon

Submitted by dag on Sat, 2009/08/22 - 13:12

I previously blogged about how we are promoting WiiPresent at FrOSCon 2009 in Sankt-Augustin, Germany. We give away Wii Remotes and bluetooth dongles to speakers and every conference room has a system hooked up to the beamer that is running a custom CentOS-based LiveCD (actually a LiveUSB) image.

Now this LiveUSB image is specifically made to hold presentation tools, browser, flash, media-player, codecs and lots of hardware support from the ELRepo repository. This works fine, no complaints about the LiveUSB.

But the funny thing is that the conference also has 2 large flat screens at the entrance to show what presentations are coming next. It is a very nice idea to guide people quickly to a starting presentation.

Now, the organization apparently had problems running Fedora and Ubuntu on these screens (with integrated computer). Fedora had problems with the network driver and Ubuntu makes the screen flicker. Just to test they took our LiveUSB image and booted it from USB and it worked fine with no problems.

I was able to take a picture when they were setting it up and you can identify the CentOS background on screen.

So there are two main points I want to make here:

  • The days when Enterprise Linux hardware support were worse than the bleeding edge distributions are over !
  • ELRepo is an important piece of the ecosystem to help with this and strengthen Enterprise Linux on the desktop.

And if people don't believe it, point them to this blog post :-)

LiveUSB image

Hi Dag,

I know its been a year since your post but an arrfab blog entry provided a link to here very recently! Do you have a download link for the LiveUSB you mention? I have a scenario where I think it may come in VERY handy.


Hi Allan, Not at the moment,

Hi Allan,

Not at the moment, because it's about 1GB in size. But I can make it available to you personally if you like. Contact me privately and we can discuss ;-)