CentOS in printed publications

Submitted by dag on Sun, 2007/10/07 - 11:23

One of the ways to promote CentOS is to have CentOS appear in shops and libraries. Currently our local bookshop has a few titles about Fedora and RHEL, but they do not mention CentOS at all.

These books are real bibles containing more than 1000 pages. They go into details about everything, but they fail to mention the RHEL rebuild distributions like CentOS or Scientific Linux.

Something is going on here ?

So I searched Amazon for CentOS, and some of these books match my search query. I wonder why ?

More interesting is the fact that a new book is coming out that has CentOS in the title (actually, I would say subtitle) ! Fedora Linux Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for Fedora, CentOS and Red Hat Power Users. I think we have a first here !

Amazon also allows to search inside the book and a search for CentOS results in no matches. Not sure whether this is because of the algorithm (do not search content if we have a match already) or CentOS really does not appear in the content.

Surprisingly, my own name appears in 18 books ! At least correctly spelled ;-)

In Japanese too!

I could find four books (I guess) on Amazon.co.jp too! CentOS in Japanese books.