CentOS in printed publications 2

Submitted by dag on Mon, 2007/10/08 - 19:12

I stand corrected. For some reason Amazon does not show excerpts when looking just for CentOS. And the list of books that match CentOS is incorrect. Now if I redo my search query using CentOS Linux the real search-inside-the-book mechanism starts to work. Maybe it requires at least 2 keywords?

The result is a shining 15 books that contain CentOS in one way or the other.

I am confident that CentOS needs to talk to publishers and use its marketshare numbers and its community to make sure CentOS is somewhere on the cover. Because I am certain this is a win-win situation, for all parties involved, including Red Hat (which I will come back to in a later blog article).

CentOS in books

I'm glad you came across our new book "Fedora Linux Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for Fedora, CentOS and Red Hat Power Users." I'm afraid there's no particular conspiracy here about why there isn't much written about CentOS.

Sales of "Red Hat" books took a big hit when Red Hat Linux disappeared. Tons of Red Hat Linux Books in the pipeline were quickly renamed to "Fedora," and all but the few top books sold poorly. When CentOS began to emerge, it wasn't clear that CentOS users would pick up the slack buying general-purpose Linux books.

With the Linux Toolbox series, we thought it was a good opportunity to give a nod to CentOS users. While a Bible may be inefficient for an an advanced CentOS user, I thought a compact book with over 1000 command examples would be useful to the more sophisticated CentOS user.

Anyway, thanks for the great work you have done. I was glad to see that several of my books came up when you searched for your name at Amazon.

-- Chris Negus