CentOS on your laptop

Submitted by dag on Sun, 2007/11/25 - 20:47

The reasons for CentOS on your server seem compelling, but the same reasons apply for a desktop or your laptop. Especially for people that require a stable environment and have no need to a (bi-)yearly upgrade that may break or turn your world upside down.

As more people buy laptops instead of desktop systems, and because laptops come as a collection of hardware, it would be nice if we, the CentOS community, would actively start documenting our experience with CentOS on our laptops.

In a lot of cases it simply works, but describing it works is as useful as describing what does not work, and what requires manual intervention to make it work.

For this reason I started a new section on our recently renovated wiki called: CentOS on Laptops. I would welcome everybody in the community to document what you remember from your CentOS installation on your laptop, or write down your experience the next time you install a laptop for someone.

If we consistently do this as a community, in no time our CentOS on Laptops section will be filled with a myriad of tips and tricks that will convince new users that CentOS is a viable alternative on their hardware.