CentOS Pulse - Community newsletter

Submitted by dag on Tue, 2009/06/02 - 16:35

A CentOS newsletter was what I wanted to have for a long time. It finally materialized the past week and was published today. You can read it at:


We plan to release a new issue every 2 weeks and for the time being I will be the interim editor. The foreword explains why the newsletter is a new starting-point for the CentOS community and hopefully we can use it to communicate decisions, needs, hopes and events better and in a transparent way.

But most importantly the newsletter should voice the opinion of the community. I am a long-time Linux Weekly News follower and I hope we can set the same standards with our newsletter as LWN, not from the very first issue, but hopefully as we grow into making it, step by step.

Wrong LWN link

Shouldn't it be lwn.net instead of lwn.org?


Fixed. Thanks !

Fixed. Thanks !

Proof Reading

I can do proof reading for the newsletter.


If you are interested to help, you have to sign up on the wiki and stating that you want to help with the Newsletter on the centos-docs mailinglist.

You will then be added to the NewsletterGroup. The process to contribute to the CentOS project is laid out here:


Thanks !