CentOS too much like Red Hat ?

Submitted by dag on Sat, 2009/07/04 - 00:30

I noticed there was something wrong with Planet CentOS this evening, and apparently the CentOS website says:

The CentOS websites are current down for some unscheduled maintenance, we hope to have services restored as soon as possible.

But at the same time if you go to www.redhat.com, you get a:

redhat.com will be back soon.Thank you for your patience.

I think there's plenty of food for conspiracy theorists in there :-) Maybe CentOS is running in Red Hat's datacenter ?

Could it really ?

Cue spooky theremin here...

You are now entering -- The SCO ZONE!


They really mean it when they say binary compatibility!

Yeah I noticed

I noticed the same thing! Pretty weird!
It seems that centos were investigating a security hack attempt