CentOS wiki updates

Submitted by dag on Wed, 2008/09/17 - 03:14

I have been updating my proposal for the new CentOS wiki frontpage. The aim is to reduce the number of links a new visitor sees, so it is easier to remember later or memorize the structure of the wiki.

A wiki is essentially unstructured and it requires determination and effort to put structure into a wiki so people can remember the structure subconsciously. That is the hard part with wikis and the part I dislike most.

Since most users enter the wiki via a search engine like Google and advanced users would very likely use the Wiki search engine anyway, the frontpage is mostly used by new users.

That was the main motivation for me to add a very short description of what CentOS is on that very page. But is also the reason why my proposal would reduce the number of links. Even though a lot of people would be looking for the documentation, help or downloads, we would also like people to visit some other aspects of our project wiki. Or simply indicate that anyone can contribute or donate, we don't have many other opportunities than the frontpage for that.

I also changed the current frontpage slightly with the new info admonition that Alain Reguera Delgado provided, so it looks more fresh.

The next thing we need to do is refine the sub-pages. The download and documentation page obviously needs to be very specific and quick, but the pages that talk about promoting, contributing or donating would instead be verbose and friendly.

Also the About page is something we have to put some effort in to show who we are and how we are organized. There is still a lot of work to do, and if you have some ideas about the wiki you can help us as well. Join the centos-docs mailinglist to discuss and improve.

And finally we need to have a simple page that explains the benefits and weaknesses of CentOS so that people get honest and objective information and have sincere expectations.

For me that is key when promoting CentOS.