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I think we all share that story...

Hi Dag,

Thanks for a great blog (the only one I read)!

I started using Linux in 2000, and it was mainly due to the unexplained Windows issues we had at work. I was a consultant, and I got so tired of trying to fix things for customers.. where Windows didn't give you a clue of what was wrong.

Going to Linux, still being a consultant, made my life better. Customers still have issues, but it's quite straight forward to solve. By being working with open-source, you will actually have control, and can dig into the code (if that is required).

I totally agree that people should go for the install Linux only option.. as it is easy to learn, but you have to want to learn it. If you're gonna dual-boot, you will always stick with what you're used to.. and Linux won't be used very often.

/Thomas (A Norwegian lost in Holland)


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