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Dag, as the person who is mapnjd, and posted that to /. I just thought I'd apologise for any inconvenience I'd put you through.

I thought it was a good article - I've used your RPM archives for years so I know and respect your work. I assumed that most other people in Linux-land would have heard of you. Probably just us Red Hatters.

Personally, I pretty much always use CentOS/RHEL for servers (but I'm not against SLES or Ubuntu LTS in this sphere - it depends on the context). But once again I've switched to Ubuntu (from Fedora) on the desktop. Purely because the whole family use the laptop and expect 3rd party codecs and stuff to work.

Keep up the good work, and once again, I'm sorry if my posting of the article put you under any duress.

Nic Doye


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