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I'm a bit shocked

Red Hat bumped CUPS from 1.2.4 to 1.3.7, and Samba from 2.0.28 to 2.0.32... I was already amazed to see they had bumped Samba from 2.0.25a to 2.0.28 in RHEL5 AND RHEL4.
Judging from their previous extremely strict package updating/patching policy, a bold step. I know, of course, that they must interoperate with Microsoft and everything, but still, AMAZING.
I just hope that they update MySQL-python as well. 1.2.1 is VERY outdated, and users are totally baffled (I was) when they can't get a clue about why PyKota doesn't work correctly with CentOS out-of-the-box because the underlying MySQL-python library has this very old bug.


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