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Hey, but it's easy to subscribe to the package's bugs

It's a bit ironic that about 2 years ago Jorge Castro and I, as an experiment, wrote to a sample of upstreams and asked them if they'd like to be notified of Ubuntu bugs through Launchpad. We were pretty uniformy ignored or shrugged off as trying to get upstreams worried about Ubuntu bugs -- "not our bugs and not our problem". In our hearts we know that many upstreams do want to get these reports -- but finding you is hard!

I know you've figured it out, but for a complete answer, right now it's pretty easy to get notifications of bugs in any package: just visit the package's page and subscribe to its bugmail. So, for dstat: and choose "Subscribe to bug mail". That's it.

For bonus points, we let you filter bugmail in a lot of different ways: -- and you can actually reply and manipulate bugs through email too, just like with debbugs:


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