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Hi Martin, This is fine by

Hi Martin,

This is fine by me. Although not in all cases the upstream contact is a single individual. In some cases I can imagine upstream to be the mailinglist itself.

Other projects have other requirements regarding how and when to be contacted. But at least notifying some of the people that are listed on the website or in the distribution of the sourcecode seems a worthwhile thing to do.

I was glad that Debian started to store the official project website as part of the package metadata. But one or more contact email addresses probably belongs in the metadata as well.

And in fact, what is missing too is the communication in the other direction. As a packager I am seldom informed of new upstream releases. What I ask from people is to report new release on freshmeat (where I subscribe to the project's records) but about 15% of the projects do not announce new releases on freshmeat.

I am sure that if Launchpad would interface with Freshmeat to use it as a means to get to new releases to inform their packagers, that more upstream projects would use freshmeat as a single location to report new releases. To the benefit of all projects.

(And if Launchpad is used as the upstream's tool for managing releases, Launchpad could help in announcing new releases on freshmeat as well !)


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