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Dag, An independent


An independent Flanders, as has been proposed by many right-wing extremists, is financially and politically (worldwide politics) just not feasible without having Brussels. That's why those people do all their best to "make Brussels look Flemish". Unfortunately for them Brussels is around 70% french-speaking, then around 20% dutch speaking and then the rest.
On the world map Flanders, even tough promoted by all these ministers, is just nothing. It's totally unknown. Simplifying the picture, Belgium is only recognized because it contains Brussels.

An independent Flanders will even cost a lot more money than the current Flanders has to pay. Currently you have a wealthy north and a less wealthy south. This makes Belgium look less wealthy in the European perspective. An independent Flanders would be hugely wealthy compared to other countries, and thus Flanders would have to pay a lot more money than they pay right now to Belgium.

Personally I'm pro simplifying the current structure:
- Remove all unnecessary and redundant politicians on in the 3 governments. Make country-wide decisions at the federal level. You don't want any useless arguments between 3 idiots/politicians thinking they are better than the 2 other ones. (like transportation/roads/airplanes for example)
- Make sure that for necessary subjects/topics regions have authority to decide. Some things should be indeed decided by language-specific-regions as they would be more efficient. (like education for example)

Well, this is _my_ current view on the topic.


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