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Christophe, Given the past 24


Given the past 24 months, I doubt that the federal level is going to work again (if it ever worked properly).

I am not sure why Flanders need to be known. Belgium can still exist as a name for both independent states. We don't need a single government to call the whole Belgium.

Brussels is not crucial to Flanders, nor is Flanders crucial to Brussels. Working people would still work in Brussels, whether that would be part of Flanders, part of Wallonia or independent. Economics will decide what both companies and workers will do. The world won't stop, things will change like they always do.

Where do you get your information about what Flanders would have to pay to Europe ? I haven't heard that before from the reports of both Flemish and Walloon university studies.

Independent economies that can act where necessary is in the benefit of both independent regions. Responsibility is important. The current economics in Belgium make it more favorable for Wallonia to stay poor. There is no incentive to make things better, ironically.

Anything is better than having a stand still in government as we have seen. I don't see in you proposal anything that would make a difference for the problems I highlighted. We have a bi-polar country which is the worst construction to get anything done, especially with the compromises that added so much complexity that transparency is impossible.


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