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Would it be supported in

Would it be supported in RHEL6 or CentOS-6 ? If so it might save you some time to wait 8 to 10 months and start off implementing using RHEL6 or CentOS-6 instead.

RHEL 5.4 will have fuse support (and RPMforge has fuse included too) so if fuse is the culprit that can be fixed.

I fear that projects like LTSP are making a big mistake by using Fedora for the desktop, especially because Fedora 9 users are advised to first upgrade to Fedora 10 before upgrading to the upcoming Fedora 11. Going directly from Fedora 9 to Fedora 11 is not supported and will not work.

This basically means that you will have to change the end-user desktop every 6 months, or have to merge 2 updates every year to have security updates. Which is something I would not like to support, or have my users to endure :-/

I hope it works out well and I am certainly interested to hear from your project back in 18 months time (because that is usually when the maintenance drag becomes apparent to the organisation).


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