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The consumer market obviously

The consumer market obviously is more complex than the enterprise market, but I did not want to go into the specifics of each. But that is the main reason why Red Hat only targets the enterprise market with RHEL, while Fedora may be Red Hat's strategy for the consumer market. I am not sure whether it is, even less that it should be. But no strategy might turn sour later given that other distributions fill this gap nicely.

Some of the remarks you make are closer to the consumer market to me, but I guess after-hours every enterprise user becomes a consumer too. :-)

Scanner support
I always thought Linux was behind with regards to supporting consumer devices. But when I bought me a cheap scanner/printer/copier device from HP I was surprised that with little effort I can now scan over the (wireless) network.

I did have to build my own gscan2pdf package, but it works better than the Windows tool that HP ships with it.

Once again, buy hardware that is known to work, or return hardware that fails to work on Linux (and specifically mention why you returned it).

Mobile phone interaction
Also in this domain I do not have much experience. I use Google Calendar and sync my Nokia E71 over the network using the GooSync service I pay for.

What does work fine on my CentOS-5 is bluetooth for mobile internet access as well as accessing the phone's filesystem. I have an fstab entry using fuse-obexfs which enables me to press one button in my Gnome Disk Mounter applet to access any file on my cellphone.

Also here, you may have to be careful with the hardware you choose.

Romanian keyboard support
This bit saddens me, because it should be fairly simple to fix this. I am surprised that something like this is (still) an issue in 2009 and stunned that this has no influence on the enterprise market ? Red Hat does have people in Romania, no ?


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