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Red Hat on the Romanian market


As a paradox, features like easy scanning and/or Thunderbird syncronization are requested more in an enterprise medium than at home. That's at least in Romania, where few companies own internal directory services like Red Hat Directory Service, IBM Lotus or Active Directory.

There are mainly independent PCs, pretty powerful and up-to-date, but no brand-names.

In most companies, there is also a lack of regulated IT management (by a qualified and informed IT department).

As for Romanian keyboards, correct support *is* present in Fedora, but adoption in RHEL is delayed indefinitely. Please see bug #450396.
We *do* have a pretty strong localization team, translators, etc...

As for Red Hat's presence in Romania:

Despite a few banks or telecom companies using Red Hat solutions internally, there is no *visible* presence of Red Hat in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova or even Hungary. Of course, there are two or three local representatives (NOT computer stores), official RH courses, but that's not enough for the "man on the street" being aware (the way they do with Microsoft software). There are no computer stores displaying Red Hat or Canonical products, there is no Red Hat marketing for the large public, no local support, no banners...

The absence of a Red Hat office in Romania, that would coordinate all these, is also a strong dissapointment issue for local Red Hat users/community. Putting the nearest official Red Hat office in Vienna is FAR from enough and a bit disregarding for all countries in the Eastern Europe, from Poland, Czechia and Hungary to ex-USSR republics, Moldova and Bulgaria...

IMHO, the issue of Red Hat (& Canonical) sales in Eastern Europe being pretty low is a reversed effect: the sales are lowered because the apparent "absence" on the local market and lack of "visibility", not because the lack of "need for product" or potential clients. Please think other products, like cars: the DO sell more LUXURY cars in Romania than in Germany. So there are money on the market... ;-)



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