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Using Linux as a desktop computer

Well for the non-techies as in those people who have never seen and touched a computer yet, if you let them use Linux for the first time, then I believe they will have no trouble adjusting since it is "Linux" that they first woke up to in the computer world.

I think it is more hard for those who "woke" up using windows to shift to Linux. I believe that for this people the most appropriate solution is to create a Linux desktop distro that works exactly just like windows.

One more thing, I am very much pro-open source, in fact I use Linux on my laptop and open office in all our office desktops. But the fact of the matter is that its very hard to install programs on Linux. For people migrating from windows, installing program in Linux should be made more like that of windows.

By the way I've not tried any of the distros you mentioned by I think Linspire and Xandros is quite close to "windows" but I believe they still need to work more on it.


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