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Every team needs a Dag. ;) I

Every team needs a Dag. ;)

I don't like this about Linux: I have worked in post production studios for years, having moved a large studio onto CentOS when they were looking at RedHat (switching from Irix)then having to get the various applications that were needed by the artists that required many updated dependencies, I ended up in build hell - it was not worse than trying to get software to build on Irix mind you. Your RPM's bailed me out and saved me many an hour of head scratching and cursing.

I don't know if this is something that you can enhance the team by, but I guess if you're willing to put that sort of effort towards the general community, then CentOS could only benefit from your insight and dedication. If the general community is server better by your independence, then I'd support that 100%. I understand being outside gives freedom to criticize, I for one love to bitch. :)

Thanks Dag.


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