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One commentator described it

One commentator described it as 'handbags out at 5ft'. There's certainly some truth in that. You're all behaving like a spoilt bunch of kids.

Get real.

Business and other users want CentOS because it's RedHat-like but most of all it's free. You don't need to pay Redhat their subscription - which makes it more expensive than Microsoft Windows over time. It's not about some nice, warm, sharing community philosophy. You're all being used.

The guys left at CentOS need to get their act together. They've got an intellectual investment in the product. Lance has been a very silly boy again. Now take some legal steps to take over the 'company' from Lance, get some financial input stream to pay for your continued existence, and let's get on with life. Otherwise shares in RedHat sound a good investment as their subscription income is likely to increase with the next release.


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