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perception is everything


While I can understand your perception of T-DOSE (especially because it was smaller than expected) I do not agree with your assessement of the event.

Maybe it was because you didn't have the time to talk to people, but I met interesting people and learned a few things as well. In fact, during FOSDEM I never get to either going to a presentation (because I always get preempted) or talking to people properly (because it is too noisy and crowded).

At T-DOSE it was more peaceful and less chaotic. It is true that it should have been bigger and definitely more internationally oriented.

Besides, I hope that a positive image of T-DOSE will make sure that people come next year, otherwise the event is dead before it has taken off. Remember that this is just the second edition. FOSDEM took 4 editions to get it right (and still the venue is bad compared to T-DOSE).


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