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Multipath: Don't use "user friendly names"

For multipathing, I recommend turning so-called user friendly names off. I'm talking about the user_friendly_names setting in multipath.conf. As far as I can tell, user_friendly_names' default value is actually "no", but Red Hat's package overrides this, for unknown reasons.

I find "user friendly names" very unfriendly: In an already complicated coctail of device mapper, LVM, etc, it's not useful to have LUNs aliased. Setting user_friendly_names to "no" means somewhat long device names, but much less confusion, and consistent naming across servers which might share LUNs.

Very nice post, by the way. I agree with all the recommendations put forward so far. Especially the one about using unique names for LVM elements, e.g. a volume group should be called HOSTNAME_rootvg, instead of just rootvg; this makes things much less confusing when you have to work with guest file systems from the host.


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