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Ljubomir, I have been using

Ljubomir, I have been using CentOS for some years, from 3.x forward.

I have participated in the mailing lists, but frankly, I felt unwelcome, particularly whenever I ask I asked about plans for expected releases, when I found responses particularly offensive.

I have seen your comments regarding Dag in several places, and I feel they say more about Ljubomir than they do about Dag.

When I speak about someone publicly, I try to be tactful so as to not cause offense. If I were discussing, let us say, your behaviour with someone else, perhaps a friend, I'd not feel the need and I might well use terms which might lift your eyebrows.

I have tried to rebuild RHEL on my own account two or three times. I know it's not trivial, but perhaps if CentOS had documentation on its site., about how the build process is done, "here are the tools we are using," and "There is the progress and list of work left to be done," just maybe, I'd have had a look to see what I might do. I've recenly retired, so time isn't a problem, and I have a nice new Quad-core HP Workstation with free disk space.

I'm tossing up between Debian and SL6. It was going to be CentOS 6, but like other folk, I find the delay too discouraging.


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