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Two products I know of

Storix and CRU.

On word from a colleague at IBM, Storix was created by a couple blokes that actually worked on the original mksysb for AIX. I don't know the validity, but my colleague is using Storix on the account he works on at IBM, for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 servers.

I used to work for the BRU guys (TOLIS Group), and worked directly on their tool, CRU years ago. It is a set of shell scripts that can provide a bare-metal disaster recovery using a BRU backup. Since BRU uses the same command line syntax as tar, sed s/bru/tar/g "should" work. It is released as open source under the "Q" public license. I know they are interested in the open source community, as their flagship product is primarily developed for Linux.


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